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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  September 29, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and a a close call for a family in concord, the terrifying incident that happened while they were sound asleep. and a park becoming popular through social media has made changes, we will tell you why it is surprising hikers this morning. this is ridiculous, has opinion 'hour and a -- an hour and a half. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, you are taking a look at the neighborhood near the mission trail in fremont, people are stopping by and checking out the signs they are going into effect today and it could impact a lot of hikers in the
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area, janine de la vega will have more on how the growing popularity is prompting these new changes. thank you for joining us monday morning september 2 thethee we have some weather changes but thunderstorm clouds are moving out and the system responsible is taking the cloud cover with it and there is still some cloud cover, it was checked and they they will prevent these lows from getting higher. 56 degrees and fog will retreat fog sun, it will be nice today. cool morning mostly sunny today. a lot more sun than we had over the weekend, upper 70s lower
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80s a little below average coast and bay, here is sal. steve, we are looking at traffic that is getting busier and we have notice add couple more things coming in. west 08 -- west 08 we have a crash clearing out and it is causing a lot of traffic but it's not as bad as we thought. we go to the east shore freeway and we go down the road and it does look like cars are still getting through which is the good news and traffic will be moderate to the bay bridge toll plaza and when you get here traffic here is moving along okay. it is okay for this time of the morning and it is about a 15 minute delay with no major problems. traffic is moving booklets go
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-- -- moo -- moving back let's go back to the desk. people were forced to take shelterer because of a bomb, here is more on that suspicious item. >> reporter: good morning, it turned out to be several road flares all wrapped together with rifle shells on the outside and that item was detonated by the bomb squad here on the lawn of this school and you can see it was filled in with fresh dirt there and it was found inside of a nearby apartment and the landlord said the item was left two weeks ago. they discovered it on the 1,500 block of summer street which is close to pittsburgh high school. people nearby were ordered to stay inside as the bomb squad moved in. a robot was used to get a closer look at what was thought
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to be initially an explosive device and as a precaution they detonated that suspicious item. fire in the hole! >> reporter: that was the scene on the lawn and police are now searching for the man who used to live in that apartment unit. he believes his former tenant tried to cause a a pain nick. pittsburgh police are not identifying the tenant but they are working to track that man down and question further about what took place. live this morning in pittsburgh, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. they will hold a community meeting to talk about last week's chase in the city's financial district. it all started when they
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led officers and crossed battery streets in the city. officers opened fire when they say he refused to drop his gun. it begin along the embarcadero. a suspected drunk driver ploughed into the backyard of their home. it happened on busy concord avenue while the family was sound asleep. the dui suspect was driving driving and blacked out. >> i think he was blacked out. >> he could have killed my wife my kid, he came across on the sidewalk also so, i hope he
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gets what he deserves for this one. >> luckily nobody inside the home was hurt. he was taken to the hospital with several broken bones. starting this morning, there will be new hours for a popular hiking trail in fremont. and at mission peak, people are find willing out they canoes the trail and there are numerous scenes tellp people about it but starting today it will will not open until 6:30. do want to show you what it looks like in the parking lot. >> reporter: you can see there is a group of people waiting to get in and they will wait it out for about 25 minutes but so far though we have seen
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probably at least 15 people actually leaved and head home because they are afraid they will get fined if they go early. now on social media site such as twitter, they have selfies they have posted hanging on to a pole which is there. hikers come to take in the sweeping view but it is causing it down and stanford avenue for park visitors only have 42 parking spots. on the weekends, they can being parked in the surrounding streets and the noise and congestion is becoming a problem for homeowners and the regional park district says the heavy foot traffic is causing dig edition and -- degradation. >> it is a pig problem but we
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will not make in it in time now. >> do you understand why they are doing it? >> yes, but it is people who come here all the time who want to do stuff like this. >> reporter: the other thing is that hikers comeup prepared. it is three miles and they have nothing they need and signs are posted saying dogs have died from dehide duration. they want to make sure people are safe and they want to protect the trail so there are new park areas from 7:30 p.m. and in november, it is 6:30 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. and the signs talk about it you violate the hours you can be cited and that the fine could be up to $300 so that is one of the things that is sort of deterring people from just opening up the gate and going through. again, a lot of people are
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waiting here in the parking am lot,. they are waiting for theirel first regular season fans testimony to get home. this was the scene as fans got stuck in huge traffic jams trying to get out of levi stadium. >> everybody is frustrated because the traffic flow does not seem to be that great and everybody is just yelling at each other. >> this is ridiculous, we pay so much foresees son ticket holders and this is the way we do it, it is horrible. >> and they are doing the best they can to tackle ongoing
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traffic problems they beat the eagles and head to overcome three early touchdowns and they had a point after collin kaepernick did this, he hit stevie johnson's pack tack -- spectacular touchdown. parish cox intercepted nick foles and gave them a 26-21 victory and and the raiders were in oak lap. derek carr threw a touchdown and they eventually took 31 with a 7-30 lead and he had to leave the game, he got hurt i can cash to angle they have a by this coming week.
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raiders head coach dennis allan may be fired and replaced by a defensive line coach, tony tony sparano. do you think you have what it takes to be the next big star? we will take you where american idle auditions are getting underway. and arrested less than a week on bart, what the latest case involves and why this has some passengers on edge. we are looking at a commute which is getting on edge and we have some mount any de-- details. the low clouds are there and we will talk about temperatures and what is in store for later this week.
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. welcome back, he was arrested on a pittsburgh bound train for touching somebody and they were taken to the county jail.
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it halled in illinois. more than 2000 flights to chicago's o'hare were canceled on friday after an employee started a fire in the basement of the control center and tried to take his own life. many flights are resumed but at chicago's o'hare 500 new cancellations were announced leaving many stranded. >> people are trying to check hotels but there were $350 a night and we said, heck, we will stay here and see what we can do in the morning. >> employees face felony charges according to them, a handful of cancellations are expected in fso. they are being called the umbrella revolution. they are protesting against china and calling for free
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elections. they are using masks and umbrellas to protect. they are returning to chinese rule and is a major financial rule for asia. they are a peeping on -- appearing on ins gram and twitter. a daring rescue by firefighters in sacramento after a man fell down into a mine shaft. when firefighters came down that man was being crushed by the vehicle. he fell 30 feet into that mind shaft. bashed there wire held it over him. he was bruised and bleeding but we are told is he expected to be okay. cool weather over the weekend, that is helping firefighters fighting the fire in eldorado county. it is now 89% contained.
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a dozen homes have been destroyed. extra evacuation orders were listed over the weekend and firefighters were sent home including some from right here in the bay area. we have finally found at least a silverling to the drought. drought conditions may have slowed down the spread of sudden oak death. it is just two.if i have were found . killed more than 3 million trees since the year 2000. 617 is the time, let's check in with sal, you are keeping an eye on a few spots, right sal? >> well, we just found out about the 5, all the way, incase that is your bus line, get out there early or perhaps
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do whatever you do get to that meeting on time. we all of a sudden have a slow traffic earlier crash, it is going to be slow from the carquinez to the mcarthur maze, however i think it will go up a little bit. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, it is a 15 to 20 minutes drive into sap fran and traffic does look good as you drive through. let me see here, what can i do? so we had an earlier crash but traffic is still slow, 6:19 let's go to steve. we have a record for san francisco, what kind of record would that be? the warmest stretch of overnight lows. the low has been 60 or higher
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and now a record of 27 times, 14 so far in september and also in 1997, sunday was 60 and the record was where it never got below 60. today it is starting off at 58 and the high is 71 degrees. great thunderstorms over the weekend, them, cordelia that is a good as it gets and there will be a lot more sun inland. p still maybe a shower around carson city but you can see the low as it heads off to salt
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lake cities although half-moon bay 51, 61 oakland, napa did get to 48 briefly, 56 fremont, 63 in some of the higher elevations and it's noticeably cooler, water temperatures are still warm, bodega bay still 65 and monera, i think on friday was 65 and they are not cool off for our reek, red being, low clouds will burn back and high clouds have moved out and the low is on its way to the picture and is there you go. warmer weather kicks in wednesday and it gets warm to hot maybe even the coast as well, it looks like an offshore breeze and fire danger will go
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up. today we had a lot of fog santa rosa map a reduced visibility it stays in the lower 70s for some. then we kick it in to warmer gear, don't think it will last too long, a little cooler on sunday. around this you, steve. today could be the best day for trading since the opening bell rings. there is likely to be heavy demand, they are trading turkey because there is no long-term indication where alley bobber should trade. the average price for a gallon of gas is 3:85 this is
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down since last week and they are about 373 which is 3 kreps cheaper than last week. a new approach to approaching sexual assault, coming up, california -- california is looking for ways to recover.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, it is 6:24 toxic gases have halted recovery efforts in central japan. that is a popular climbing destination which erupted on sunday. most managed to escape but a lot are still trapped. 31 people are believed to be dead and many are buried in more than a foot of ash. an earthquake rattled the central valley in san ben nieto county. the u.s. geological survey said it was a 4.0 magnitude
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earthquake. they are trying to raise money but thousands showed up to support that for you day festival. yes, bands, restaurants winery, they all came together for napa rocks. tickets were sold out. the idea was to bring people together to celebrate and remind everybody especially people who don't live there are still a great place to visit. >> they didn't destroy it. federal organizers -- festival organizers say the best you can do is spend money in the shops, hotels and other businesses and just visit there.
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a dramatic scene unfolded in the east bay. >> fire in the hole, fire in the hole! >> we will have more on the bomb scare in pittsburgh which forced people to take shelter and we will tell you what police discovered. and good morning bay area at least for the auditions process. >> all right, so traffic is doing oh okay and we a have a lot of low clouds and fog and we'll see if temperatures will stay on the warm side.
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. some very happy people out there . these folks are ready to audition foresees son 14 and it is all underway, thousands of people are panning around, coming up in 8 minutes, my american idle, some of people are trying to get out on the show, good luck, folks. >> okay, thanks you for joining us, monday morning, september 29 september 29th, i am dave clark . what you don't see or hear, steve and dave . we got to get on to sylvester. >> you guys tell jokes, i don't sing. reduced fog and visibility and the thunderstorm clouds are now too far east and we are out
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of that pattern , methamphetamine -- they have come up and low and not the cloud build up, a cool morning for some, 70s and lower 80l1sl0, lots of 70s around the bay, here is sal. all right, steve, we are still looking at a commute where traffic continues to look good in many areas but it is busy in others. first of all the bay bridge is not too bad, there is a wide load, and on the and matt matt bridge and it is niece looking drive if you are driving on the freeways on highway 24 from
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walnut creek to oakland in fact we can put that on the maps, the it is 6:31 let's go back to the desk. a shelter in place was landed in one area. we will tell what you was discovered near the pittsburgh high school, alex? it turned out selling road here is and they blue it up on the lawn of this school. you can see want a hole was loan in a near -- nearby
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apartment. his cleanup crews discovered the item as they were going through belongings in that empty unit. it is on the block of summer street very close to pittsburgh high school. people living nearby were orders it stow end side and as a precaution the point questioned detonate -- as a precaution the bomb squad detonated the suspicious item. pittsburgh police are serving for the man who used to live in the apartment. they likely left the road flares behind had any explosive power. they are not identifying the
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man, the man they are searching for to question further. alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. it includes federal investigators. they are looking into a string of intentionally set fires in alameda. it broke up and in some days your family were disliced or tie tied tried. -- destroyed. >> alameda police arrested two people on suspicion of arson. their names have not yet been released. the task force is checking surveillance video and they are
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collecting evidence from the eighth fire scenes. the firep happened two days after what happened and in this days so far no arrests in oakland and they are not saying if the people may or may not be corrected to the same fires set in oakland. happening today, we will learn more about the federal money from washington d.c. that will be used to help fight crime in oakland. they have received 1.8 million dollars in federal grants to hire 15 new police officers. it will provide help and the
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congressman in oakland today. no means no has been replaced with yes means yes. a new law signed by governor brown could help curb sexual assaults on college campuses. >> reporter: what it means is you have to be conscious and sober and willingly agree to have sex. last month lawmakers approved the bill which was created by a senator and universities nationwide are under fire to change how they handle it. a lack of reassistance said it can be nonverbal such as a nod of the head or moving in closer towards the person and critics say the bill is over reaching and puts universities in mirky legal waters. campus assault sexual victims
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and women's advocacy groups delivered this to governor brown urging him to sign the bill, tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. happening today t- labor pore talks and it and a dozen bus drivers called in sick at the last minute which disrupted bus service. they still appear to be far apart on the big issues of salary and health benefits. the next singling sensation to hit it big on american idle could be at the palace right now. the latest starts right now
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this is a final straw and i know you wanted me to become the next idle contestant. good morning everybody. [applauds] >> reporter: a lot of people have been lining up hoping for their shot and the gates will open gearing up foresees son 14 of american idle. [ music ] >> reporter: now for many it is their chance to go at least as far as san jose back in 2012 and when he was here, remember adam lambert was the big sensation and still to the early part of the after dash
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afternoon. they can start leaping up at 6:00 a.m. and some have been out here since 9:00 a.m. and wrist bands will be despite boothed -- disputed. that will be around 8308 da -- 8:30 in the arena. many people have been here since yesterday. tell us about what you can do and tell us about yourself. >> i am from the bay area san jose california. i have been singing since i was limb and i have a passion for singing. >> south bay, we have to get this going, you ready? >> yes. >> [ music ]
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. >> reporter: how old are you? >> 17. >> are you sure about that? >> yes. >> if i was a judge i would give her a ticket right now. >> are you guys excited? >> yes. a lot of people out here all morning long, we will bespeaking to more contestants and i will not be sinking. let's get that straight. >> brian come on. buy and flores, and it find out you can watch right here on ktvu channel 2.
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time now 6:40. a suspected drunk driver ploughed into an east bay backyard. >> he could have killed my wife and my kids, anybody on the street. >> police say how fast the driver was going and why the family in the home said it could have been a lot worse. there has been a lot of disappointed people who showed up to 'east bay park on a the golden gate bridge, it is getting very slow. >> mother nature is sink ago tune of fog but high and mid- level clouds are gone and we'll see what is in store for the rest of the week.
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. good morning to you, there have been a lot of disappointed people already he showing up at mission peak and unfortunately, they are finding out starting this morning there are new ours out there. joining us live the reasons behind the change, good morning. good morning, dave, well,
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mission peak opened up and there are some people waiting here in the parking lot for more than an hour to get in and they were surprised and the new rules are not followed and people could get fined. they are having a sweeping view of the bay and -- bay and it is causing a lot of traffic congestions. there are only 42 from the stanford avenue lot and on the week concerns, there can be only 42 surrounding the neighborhood parking streets. they also say the heavy foot traffic is causing severe trail dig remediation. they are -- dedication. -- dig grid station and today it is opening at 5:00 a.m. >> i came here a few months ago
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and i noticed they put fences up and when i first came here there were no fences and a lot more shortcuts. oop we have three miles and there is no water or rest stops. they are often called for medical emergencies and they are often prepared. they also want to protect the trail, the park closes a lot earlier now and it used to be open from 10:00 at night and in november it starts closing even earlier. violaters can be creteed and i want if tonight show you a lot this. filled up very quickly and this park district officials are encouraging people to use the
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other parking lot reporting live from fremont, ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are learning more about a class action law suit and many are required to work split smithels. they accused one company of not paying drivers for time spent waiting between morning and evening shifts. they also claim workers are not paid for time inspecting vehicles and both sides have reached an agreement but it has not yet been approved pie the court. over the weekend it can be sprayed for flees and other insects. school leaders say it is likely other campuses could be facing
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the same problem. they are checking to see if other -- see about other skills. >> reporter: a few scary moments, the entire plane was evacuated due to a suspicious piece of luggage with wire sticking out of it and how it could be connected to a reality television show. and he grew to 55,000 dollars and he threw a huge party, what it feature and this, back to the morning news. 6:48 is the time let's check in with sal for traffic. we had a lot of slow traffic in the livermore valley pam and dave, all of if are --
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all of it is slow near varges. if you drive this way you may want to consider driving this way because there is a lot of slow traffic on 680 south and 880 west. in the san jose area, it is getting a little bit slower coming out of downtown into the cupertino area, let's go to steve. >> thank you, a very good morning, somebody cue frances albert, i am not going to sing. it will be warming up, by the way i should add i used to hike mission peak some of you remember that, but since july, 60s in san francisco and warm
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ocean temperatures have equaled a record settling amount for 27 days. the old record was 57, if you are thinking man it is warm because that is why ocean temperatures. ocean temperatures are still warm and thunderstorm cloud cover good stuff and i mean on friday it was as good as it gets especially from napa cord delia, you may have had reports of lightning and most of it is done and they are right on the western edge of it and by this afternoon it will be east and it had some snow down to 6800 feet. 50s and 60s, we had fog
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starting to form and 56 in brentwood annual nut creek -- and walnut creek and orinda, it seems like a popular number, monterey as well. 34 up in tahoe. that was a big fog bang and low clouds are in place and high and mid-level they are kicking it out of the way. high pressure will be back on wednesday and they look to be very similar maybe with an offshore breeze, offshore, pam. >> i met her once, pam, the fire danger and the coast could be very warm. mostly sunny 70s and 80s here
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and it was pretty close, petaluma, antioch oakland 73 and walnut creek 73, upper 70s, saratoga los gatos 76. redwood city 67 in pacifica and 71 in san bruno and fog nights and mornings we burn that fog off sooner and cooler on sunday. >> all right, steve, the new forbes magazine just came out, why 113 billionaires did not make the cut this year. and the traditional blue and gold will disappear for the warriors, a sneak peak at the new look.
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. welcome back, those isis fighters in syria are getting closer to the border of turkey. take a look, it shows isis fighters pounding a curtish village, and they say the strikes do not seem to be slowing them down. over the weekend house speaker john boehner criticized president barack obama saying he does not plan to send in
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u.s. ground troops. >> i think it will take more than u.s. grand strikes and at some point somebody's boots have to be on the ground. >> the situation calls for military and political using -- solutions. he over he is -- over estimated. updated policy says teen girls who are sexually active should use i uds or hormoneal implants. they are more efficient because they don't have to remember to use it and they are cheaper over the long run. and they are paying more out of their bank's network. that is according to bank a record high up 5% and bank
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rate also analyzed over checking fees and learned that has hit a new fee for 16 years in a row. we don't need an excuse but this is national coffee day but there are plenty of places. we will get a sample and they will be getting 12-ounces, no purchase required and they are selling specialty drinks. >> they will be playing in a new uniform and you can see harrison barns unveiling the new slate gray jerseys, it was last night at an exclusive event at twitter headquarters. only 10 people were invited to that event. this new uniform will make its debute november 15th which is when they will be hosting the
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charlotte hornets. >> i would have to see it in person. they created some tense moments for people living in an east bay neighborhood and they had to have it happened, america's next report coming up.
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a bomb scare in this pittsburg neighborhood overnight forces people to take shelter inside their homes. we'll tell you about the suspicious item found inside an apartment and the man police are now looking for. also new this morning, high- end bikes, stolen from a san francisco store. the brazen theft that was caught on tape. celebration turns to anger after the 49ers' latest home game. the traffic problems that continue to plague the new levi stadium. and we're live here in daly city, where hundreds of people are hoping to be the next "american idol" ♪ moat moot starts now ♪


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